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Free Roof Inspections

Residential & Commercial

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If you’re concerned that your roof is leaking or may have been damaged by a recent storm, contact Wiesen Roofing. We’re experienced roofing contractors providing free residential and commercial roof inspections for customers in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding area.

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Check for Wind and Storm Damage

Wind and weather are common culprits when it comes to roof leaks and missing shingles. Hail, and tree limbs can damage shingles and dent metal roofing. High winds can even lift a roof off of a building.

Whether the cause is poor installation or severe weather, our roof inspection will reveal any areas where a roof repair is needed. We’ll examine the flashing around your chimney, the apron, valley, step, any other angled areas and all joints. In cases of severe damage, a complete roof replacement may be required.

Drone and Aerial Inspections

Using a drone, we perform a full inspection of your roof from the air. This allows us to get a complete picture of your home or facility’s roof. You’ll receive a detailed report with photos and an assessment of the roof’s condition, along with a recommendation for any needed repairs.

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Thermal Roof Inspections

Our roof inspections also include the use of infrared thermography to locate wet and saturated insulation. This is an indication that moisture has entered the home through the roof. Thermal roof inspections are a great solution for both roof-to-wall flashings and commercial low slope roofs. If moisture is found, we’ll investigate its source and provide you with an estimate for repairing or replacing the roof.

Benefits of thermal and core roof inspections:

  • Find water-saturated areas in roof
  • Locate any sources of mold
  • Accurate
  • Affordable

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Whether you have questions or you’re ready to schedule a commercial or residential roof inspection, call us at 316-806-2106. Our friendly staff can provide you with further information and get you set up with an appointment.

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