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Bradley and Kristine Wiesen

About Bradley Wiesen:Founder And President

Brad Wiesen is the Founder & President of our Company, Wiesen Roofing. Brad worked for his dad’s business, Roof Mechanics for about 27-years, a company Jim Wiesen founded and sold. Brad wanted to branch out into more specialized areas in the Roofing Industry, and bring something different to his Customers, Historical Restoration & Roof Preservation. We believe that fewer Roof’s need to be torn off unnecessarily & more thought and creativity given to each individual case. Preservation is a thing of today’s future. Historical Restoration is a thing of the past which must be kept to the original architecture of the House or Building. We have a vision of your Building or Home in History.

Brad continues to educate himself on the latest technologies and research that is done in the roofing industry. He recently attended a training event at the University of Wisconsin/Madison for Roof Dynamics & Science of Water Travel.

The wisdom and expertise Brad brings to any roofing consultation, can help you feel assured that your home or business are in the best hands in the industry.

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About Kristine Wiesen:CFO

Kris is a very talented partner in all areas of finances, codes, proper City & State requirements, Proper documentation on contracts and always in Ethics. She is very creative and has been trained in the Roofing Industry. Kris is a great asset to have on our team. With Kris’s help the creativity of what we can do has risen. We know that together we can design a perfect Roof system for you.

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